Superman Sabotage Clan

Release date: 2014-10-20
Released by: JST Records

I Think I Broke Something - Superman Sabotage Clan

I Think I Broke Something – Superman Sabotage Clan

Fresh, unique, unbelievably talented and super-stylish, I Think I Broke Something (aka ITIBS) is the perfect mix of different music genres and sounds as diverse as Indie, Pop, Punk Rock, Electroclash and Electro Trash. All that with some crazy and vocally dominated Breaks to top it all of, the duo from Finland no doubt will impress the Electronic music world with their debut single release “Superman Sabotage Clan”. With them, Hanuman Tribe as well as JST’s CrazyMT and Dizkodeath who delivered 3 killer remixes. A hybrid Dubstep-Indie remix by Hanuman Tribe, a pure Electro dancefloor burner by CrazyMT and some raw Disco Punk from the master of the kind Dizkodeath are definitely adding to the release more power than the man of steel himself and definitely more style than Superman and Batman together.