Release date: 2014-09-28
Released by: ITIBS / JST Records / Free Download

I Think I Broke Something - RRRRR EP

I Think I Broke Something – RRRRR EP

Fresh blood coming up next and when it comes to insane talent and unique fresh sound then the duo from Finland that goes by the name I Think I Broke Something is no doubt the cream of the crop. Electro, Breaks, Punk, Indie and Pop is all perfectly mixed in the 3 originals included in “RRRRR” EP, available for free through Jet Set Trash and I Think I Broke Something are certainly making their debut with a bang. Vocally dominated, hard, with loads of character and personal style, “RRRRR” EP is definitely surprisingly mature for the duo’s first release. We will be definitely be waiting and looking forward to hearing more by these guys who are leaving us with a very nice taste and buzz in our mouth and ears for now and according to their Facebook page it won’t be long before I Think I Broke Something come back with more crazy music! Until then check, grab and enjoy this one!

– Metelectro Blog