Minus One

Release Date: 2021-04-06
Released by: I Think I Broke Something
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I Think I Broke Something - Minus One
I Think I Broke Something – Minus One

Finnish Electropunk duo I Think I Broke Something (ITIBS) is back with their double single ’Minus One’.

Following the release of the second full-length album ‘Outsider’, the duo keeps delivering their musical madness. It’s been seven years already since their debut with ‘Superman Sabotage Clan‘ EP and their fresh genre blender take of Electropunk meets Breaks meets Industrial House is getting heavier and more avant-garde.

And of course, staying loyal to their punk DIY origins, I Think I Broke Something’s double single comes with a DIY music video for the track ’Minus One’ too, proving that the duo’s creative impulses extend beyond their music and allowing their crazy style to bleed onto the accompanying visuals.