Macabre EP

Release Date: 2016-06-27
Released by: JST Records
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I Think I Broke Something - Macabre

I Think I Broke Something – Macabre

I Think I Broke Something (ITIBS) are back with their new twisted electronic brainchild, titled “Macabre”. Louder, wilder and even weirder than before the Finnish duo’s 4th EP is a mix of heavy Electro Punk, Breaks and dark Electronica, proving once again that ITIBS are far from being a common Electronic music act. Punk Rock attitude, explosive live presence and unique sound are just some of the qualities that make ITIBS stand out.

DIY artistry at its finest, with ITIBS showcasing a wide range of talents extending well beyond their music, as the duo also makes its first official on screen appearance too on the (self-made) video for “Macabre” Pt.II.

And because artists who put their hearts and souls into their art are an inspiration to everyone, Laforcah has also contributed a remix adding his own touch of heavy Electro on “Macabre”.