Release Date: 2017-11-06
Released by: JST Records
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I Think I Broke Something - Avantgarde

I Think I Broke Something – Avantgarde

After a quiet summer, Finland’s craziest live Electronic music duo is finally ready for its comeback with a new single. ‘Avantgarde’ is the first single from I Think I Broke Something’s debut album (out 2018).

Two brand new original songs titled ‘Avantgarde’ and ‘Jam Flow’ with ITIBS sounding as fresh, inspired and uniquely different as ever. Playful and daring, the duo continues to explore and blend elements of Punk, Indie, Electro and Breaks with their characteristic vocals, riffs, rhythms and unparalleled cool attitude. You can dance, you can mosh or you can headbang but be warned… you might break something.