Outsider LP

Release Date: 2020-09-07
Released by: JST Records
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I Think I Broke Something - Outsider LP album cover

I Think I Broke Something – Outsider LP

Finnish live Electropunk duo I Think I Broke Something is back with their second album ‘Outsider’!

Following the release of the sole single from ‘Outsider’ titled ‘No Sir’, the duo keeps getting louder and wilder. It’s been six years already since their debut with ‘Superman Sabotage Clan’ EP and their fresh genre blender take of Electropunk meets Breaks meets Electro Trash still feels unique with a touch creative ‘insanity’.

Gritty and full of energy, at times it feels like a crossbreed between The Prodigy, Atari Teenage Riot and Marilyn Manson, or simply like ITIBS. Total musical disobedience in a true Electropunk fashion…