No Sir

Release Date: 2020-06-29
Released by: JST Records
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I Think I Broke Something - No SirFinnish live Electropunk duo I Think I Broke Something is back with a new single!

‘No Sir’ is the only single from ITIBS’ upcoming second album ‘Outsider’ (releases summer 2020) and is a more aggressive, defiant, ‘in your face’ take on ITIBS’ genre blender music with J.T screaming his lungs out.

With them, a small army of remixers who weren’t afraid to go all out and plug in some guitars too with Gör FLsh, Noise Generator and Vigilante adding their personal touch to the original. From Sludge and Electropunk to Industrial and Drum & Bass you should expect everything and nothing at all at the same time from these guys. Total musical disobedience in a true Electropunk fashion…