I Think I Broke Something!

I Think I Broke Something, or ITIBS for short, combines an intense electronic sound with strong influences from metal and punk. At its core, ITIBS is a duo featuring JT and MST. Live, ITIBS combines a DJ set with live vocals, drums and keyboards.

”A bit of pop, a bit of punk, a bit of electroclash and electrotrash and a lot of craziness, talent and unique style is what I Think I Broke Something bring on the table.”
Jet Set Trash 

”Superman Sabotage Clan” Single released!

Superman Sabotage Clan was released 20th of October. Single includes the original track and remixes by Hanuman Tribe, CrazyMT and Dizkodeath. Listen to the teaser below and order your copy.

Live @ Semifinal 18.4.2014