I Think I Broke Something!

I Think I Broke Something, or ITIBS for short, combines an intense electronic sound with strong influences from metal and punk. At its core, ITIBS is a duo featuring JT and MST. Live, ITIBS combines a DJ set with live vocals, drums and keyboards.

”A bit of pop, a bit of punk, a bit of electroclash and electrotrash and a lot of craziness, talent and unique style is what I Think I Broke Something bring on the table.”
Jet Set Trash 

”Face Lift” EP released February 16th!

Once again ITIBS challenges the Electronic music boundaries with their second release and the 3 brand new originals which blend Punk Rock influences, Breaks, Electro and everything in between. Don’t let the lighter mood and Indie Dance attitude of the opening track “GnR” fool you, as it soon gives way to one of the noisiest and darkest Electronic tracks you’ve heard in a while, the 7 minute long “To Hell”. Last but not least, the EP same titled track “Face Lift” comes full of untamed energy to close ITIBS second EP in the most appropriate way.

● Order: bit.ly/jst-face-lift
● Download Minimix: bit.ly/jst-free-face-lift-teaser